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Tech Help from Tech Tutors

Get one-on-one help with software, printing, photocopying and more.

tech tutor assisting student

Drop In

Ask for assistance at our Tech Bar (at Doon), the Information & Research Desk (Cambridge & Waterloo), or schedule a Tech Representative consultation appointment using the button below.

Schedule an Appointment

Sit down, one-on-one with a Tech Rep to get support.


  • Doon Campus: Visit the Library's Tech Bar (2B5) or Teach Me Tech Lab (2A501)
  • Cambridge Campus: Visit the Library (A1109)
  • Waterloo Campus: Visit the Library (1A18)

What Services Do Tech Tutors Provide?

Visit the Doon Tech Bar or Teach Me Tech Lab, or any Library location for support with the following:

  • introductory computing skills development
  • printing, scanning and hardware troubleshooting
  • connecting to the college WiFi
  • navigating Conestoga applications (e.g. MyConestoga, eConestoga, eTexts, etc.)
  • troubleshooting software issues
  • instruction on how to install Conestoga-provided software for PC and Mac
  • using Microsoft Office 365 products
  • using collaboration and creativity tools

Forgot your Device? We also have short-term loan (4-hour) equipment available to borrow.

Assignment Support

Tech Tutors are here to help students learn to use technology more effectively.

This means Tech Tutors will coach students, rather than give answers. They will help students gain the confidence to find answers and solve problems independently in the future.

In cases where students are working on assignments designed for them to individually work through steps and explore software functionality, Tech Tutors can only direct students to helpful resources (e.g. help files, LinkedIn Learning videos) and help students make connections to their own work.