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Faculty Responsibilities

As a Conestoga faculty member, you are expected to understand what constitutes an academic offence and investigate all suspected offences of which you become aware, by consulting with the Office of the Registrar as well as your program Chair or their designate. 

You must clearly notify any student under investigation, in writing, at the outset of the investigation.

In all cases, an Academic Offence form must be completed by the investigating faculty member. In unusual situations, the appropriate Chair or Dean should be consulted.

First Offences

If the offence is the first offence committed of that type by the student, a warning may be given, depending on the type of offence. A penalty may also be applied. The investigating faculty member determines the penalty and notifies the student in writing. 

Subsequent Offences

If an offence of the same or a related type has been previously committed by the student, a penalty will be applied. The penalty will graduate in severity based on the nature of the penalty applied for earlier incidents.