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What is an Open Textbook?

Open textbooks are freely available textbooks, written by educators seeking to improve the accessability and affordability of education.

Authors assign an “open license” that allows others to reuse, revise and/or remix it with other things. 

Why Adopt an Open Textbook?

Point #1: The high cost of textbooks negatively impacts student success. 


Students who pay high costs for textbooks...

Students responded to the survey as follows: 47% take fewer courses, 45% don't register for a specific course, 26% drop a course, 21% withdraw from a course, 37% earn a poor grade because I couldn't afford to buy the textbook, 20% fail a course because I couldn't afford to buy the textbook, 66% don't purchase the required textbook

Source: 2016 Student Textbooks & Course Materials Survey, Florida Virtual Campus


Point #2: The adoption of open textbooks positively impacts student performance.


Students whose faculty chose OER generally performed as well or better than students whose faculty assigned a commercial textbook.

Fischer, Hilton III, Robinson & Wiley, 2015

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