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Choosing an Output Type

Next, use the Output Tab (3rd tab) to choose how you would like the statistics to appear.

The Output Tab


How to Choose an Output Mode

Option 1: File – you must use the File output mode if you have selected more than 25 geographic areas (e.g. Postal Codes) on which to report, or about the same number of variables. File output mode provides un-formatted statistics in a table. This is the output style most often required.

To save a File output, ensure File is selected under Output Mode, then click Save As.

Output Mode Selection and Output File Saving

Choose a location to save the file, and then give the file a name. Ensure you’ve chosen Microsoft Excel in the “Save as Type” box.

Save As Dialog Box

You will also be asked to name the sheet. This is optional and may be left at “Sheet1.”

The Table naming pop up box

Option 2: Report – This output type is formatted and presented more professionally. However, you may only use the Report output mode if you have selected less than 25 geographic areas on which to report.

To save a Report output, ensure Report is selected under Output Mode, then choose an Output File and Template File.

The Library recommends:

  • Output File type “Temporary Excel 2007 Spreadsheet”
  • Report Template File type “Custom Report (Blank)

Selecting an Output File Type and Template