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House Hippo 2.0

With the amount of information available to us from a wide array of online sources, it's more important than ever to think critically about information that we find. Although these house hippos are being portrayed as a nuisance, you may well find that you want one by the end of the video!

Debunking the Myths

The Importance of Evaluating Information

Whether you are completing an academic assignment, investing in a substantial purchase, or trying to learn more about health information, it's always important to evaluate the information that you're finding. Does the person providing the information have something to gain from it? If so, the information may be biased. Is the information based on facts or rumours? There are many other questions we can ask ourselves when we try to determine if what we have found is a good source of information.

There are different models for evaluating sources - some of the common ones are CARS or CRAAP. At Conestoga College, many programs use the CARS model.