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Your New Laptop: Windows "Out of the Box" Walkthrough

Please note: The order of these screens may be slightly different depending on your device, but the steps are similar.

  1. Select your default operating system language.
  2. Cortana set-up.
    1. You can skip this if you like.
  3. Region
    1. Choose Canada so dates and time zones align.
  4. Connect to a network (like Wi-Fi).
    1. Enter the appropriate credentials.
    2. If on campus, enter this information.
  5. Keyboard layout.
    1. US or Canada [if available].
  6. Second keyboard layout.
    1. This is optional.
  7. PAUSE for some Windows set-up and updates.
  8. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions of the Windows 10 License Agreement.
  9. Set up or enter an account.
    1. Microsoft strongly encourages you to use a Microsoft account. If you don’t have one and want to complete this option, you can click Create Account.
    2. You can also use a previously created account. Just sign in with those credentials. For example, a Hotmail account or an email from a computer you previously owned.
    3. You cannot copy and paste your password here. Manually type it in.
    4. Set up or enter your two-factor authentication.
  10. Set up a PIN. This is an easy and secure way to sign into your machine.
  11. Define your privacy settings. DO NOT just hit accept. Review each of the settings!
    1. After reviewing each of the settings and deciding what you want to turn on or off, accept the settings.
  12. Customize your device.
    1. Review the options.
    2. You can choose to do this now or set up later.
  13. Use your phone from your PC.
    1. You can choose to do this now, set up later, or skip completely.
  14. Save files to OneDrive.
    1. You will be granted a personal OneDrive account. This is NOT THE SAME as the Conestoga OneDrive you are given as a new student.
    2. You can choose to save files to PC and set up OneDrive later.
  15. OFFICE 365: Make the most of your 365 with a free Microsoft 365 trial
    1. STOP
    2. If you do not have Microsoft Office 365 you can get it for free as a student at Conestoga College. If this is the option you choose, select NO THANKS.
    3. If you have an existing Microsoft Office you want to put onto your computer, choose PRODUCT KEY and enter it.
    4. If you say No Thanks, you can also be directed to the free, online (web-based) versions of Microsoft Office apps.
  16. Let Cortana help you get things done.
    1. You can learn more, not now, or accept to set up Cortana
  17. If there are updates to install, it may take some time to install those, depending on your internet connection.
  18. You will finish by landing on a clean desktop. You can make further adjustments to your settings by opening Start > Settings.

Laptop Warranty

Dell Computer Warranty: Checking Your Warranty

Enter your device's serial number to inquire about your warranty status on the Dell Warranty & Contracts site.
If you encounter problems with your device, please contact Dell directly at 1-800-847-4096.
To extend your warranty, please check the Warranty and Service Extension options on the Dell website.

DELL warranty registration instructions

IMPORTANT!  Please be sure to follow the steps during the initial setup to register the laptop in your name.

If you skip this step, you will need to manually register the laptop.

For manual registration, please fill out the following information for the Previous Owner field:  


Zip Code: N2G 4M4

Email the Bookstore if you have further questions.


ASUS Computer Warranty

Enter your device's serial number to inquire about your warranty status on the Asus Warranty Status Inquiry site.

If you encounter problems with your device, please contact Asus directly using the appropriate contact information below. Click on the image to zoom in.

asus contact information page