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Keywords to Try

  • Contracting Out, Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing
  • Call Centers, Contact Centers
  • Assessment, Evaluation, Metrics or Criteria, Benchmarking, KPIs, Key Performance Indicators
  • Customer Satisfaction, Performance, Best Practices, Productivity, Quality, Efficiency

eBooks on Call Centers and Outsourcing

There's no better way way to find detailed discussion of call centers, outsourcing and  information related to the selection criteria for outsourcing, than to find a specialized book on the topic. Try one or more of these:

Find Articles on Call Centers and Outsourcing Using Databases

Look for articles in trade magazines that talk about the practical aspects of outsourcing and call center performance. Also, you'll find a number of academic journal articles that discuss research findings related to the topic. Both types of sources are  very useful for your research. Try these databases:

Find Performance Measures

The KPI Mega-Library provides extensive lists of performance indicators used in a variety of industries and business areas.

Country Risk

Use the Library's "Country Research" guide to find reports on the risks associated with doing business with countries around the world.