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1st/2nd/3rd Person

1st / 2nd / 3rd person refers to the point of view that a writer uses in a paper.  Each has a different purpose.

1st Person

First person is used to indicate the writer's point of view.  First person can be used when the writer is asked to give his/her own conclusions, opinion, or a reflection.

Examples of 1st person words

I, Me, My        We, Us, Our

Example of 1st person in a sentence

I believe that my next clinical experience will be interesting.

We hope to finish our assignment soon.​

2nd Person

Second person is used when the writer is talking to the readers.  Second person can be used when the writer is giving commands, instructions, or processes.

Examples of 2nd person words

You, Your

Example of 2nd person in a sentence

You must talk to your doctor as soon as you have symptoms.

Ensure all contact information is correct.
(With imperative sentences like this one, you is understood to be the subject.)

3rd Person

Third person is used to indicate the person or thing being written about.  Third person is the most commonly used point of view in academic writing.  Common nouns are considered third person (for example, students or nurses).

Examples of 3rd person words

He, Him, His   She, Her, Hers            It          They, Them, Their

One, Anybody, Someone, Everyone, Anything        Nurse, Clients, Staff

Example of 3rd person in a sentence

Nurses should refer to their health manuals often.

Everybody attended the meeting on Thursday.​

Visual Display

Below is a visual of 1st/2nd/3rd person to indicate point of view based on the information provided above.

Visual display of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person wordage