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Effective Clinchers in Academic Writing

What Are Clinchers?

A clincher is the sentence or limited group of sentences at the end of the concluding paragraph. An effective clincher leaves the audience with a strong final impression of the essay.

NOTE: When your clincher takes information from another source, you must cite and reference according to the appropriate style guide (such as APA @ Conestoga). This should not be new information but can be a repeat of an important piece of evidence already provided in your essay.

How To Use Clinchers

Here is a thesis statement:

The incidence of depression has created a crisis in Canadian society that must be addressed through a combination of counselling, medicine, and social acceptance.

The clincher should relate to the overall purpose or thesis of the paper. The following are different techniques for clincher with examples that relate to the above thesis.

Make a Prediction

Make sure your prediction flows logically from your research. Don’t make a guess.

If Canadian society continues to isolate people suffering from depression, these people will continue to experience difficulties, pain, and loneliness.

Offer a Recommendation

Ensure your recommendation is something realistic.

The Canadian mental health community should work towards raising awareness of the impact of depression on society. By making this clear to community leaders, the mental health community can be a voice for positive change.

Suggest Opportunities for Further Research

Make use of this method when there is a lack of research on your topic.

Future research should examine the treatment strategies employed in other countries and incorporate successful approaches in the struggle with the disease. By making use of this information, Canada could effectively support those who live with depression.

Ask a Thought-Provoking Rhetorical Question

Invite the reader to consider the question based on the evidence in your essay.

With all that is known about depression and its devastating impact, why has Canada not committed more political and economic resources to the fight against the disease?

Connect Back to the Grabber

Provide closure to an essay by connecting back to the grabber. Note that a citation is needed because information has been taken from another source.

Example Grabber: Lim et al. (2008) estimated that mental illnesses such as depression cost the Canadian economy $51 billion in lost employee productivity, hospitalization and treatment costs, and tax-funded government assistance programs (p. 92).
Example Clincher relating back to Grabber: As Lim et al. (2008) pointed out, with an estimated $51 billion in costs and damages at stake each year, Canada cannot afford to neglect this issue any longer (p. 92).

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Lim, K. L., Jacobs, P., Ohinmaa, A., Schopflocher, D., & Dewa, C. S. (2008). A new population-based measure of the economic burden of mental illness in Canada. Chronic Diseases in Canada, 28, 92-98.