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NOTE: All Library phone service is suspended during Covid-19. Please email our services and/or staff.

General Contacts

Services Email
Research & Access Support
Writing Support
Tech How-To Support
Academic Integrity Support

Library Administration

Cory Scurr
Chris Woodley
James Yochem

Research Support

Anita Fortes
Carrie Barrett
Juliet Conlon
Tessa Dueck

Writing Support

Dr. Anne Vermeyden
Kayla Goetz
Mikaela Charbonneau
Naomi Bar-Sever

Academic Integrity Support

Lee Meyes

Learning and Assistive Technology Support

Chanh Lam
Michelle Doadt
Tonya Gousseva

Service Coordinators

Amanda Fudge
Holly Ashbourne

Technical & Borrowing Services

Daisy Collins
Gary Dye
Jennevie Orio-Bebel
Julie Piatek
Jessie Collins
Kevin McCormick
Rachel Kelly
Rob Nichol
Susan Lee
Stacy-Ann Brown