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NOTE: All Library phone service is suspended during Covid-19. Please email our services and/or staff.

General Contacts

Services Email
Research & Access Support
Writing Support
Tech How-To Support
Collection Requests/Feedback
Academic Integrity Support

Library Administration

Cory Scurr
Chris Woodley
James Yochem

Research Support

Anita Fortes
Carrie Barrett
Danya Goldsmith-Milne
Juliet Conlon
Tessa Dueck

Writing Support

Dr. Anne Vermeyden
Kayla Goetz
Mikaela Charbonneau
Naomi Bar-Sever

Learning and Assistive Technology Support

Chanh Lam
Michelle Doadt
Tonya Gousseva

Service Coordinators

Amanda Fudge
Holly Ashbourne
Susan Lee

Technical & Borrowing Services

Daisy Collins
Jennevie Orio-Bebel
Julie Piatek
Jessie Collins
Lee Meyes
Rachel Kelly
Rob Nichol
Stacy-Ann Brown