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Research Help Appointments

Make an Appointment (General Research)

Book an online (Zoom) appointment with a Research, Citing and Referencing support person for help finding high quality resources for your research, as well as citing and referencing appropriately.

Make an Appointment (Program-Specific Research)

If you are seeking more in-depth research support related to your program area, you can book an online (Zoom) appointment with your program's contact person in the Library. (Learn how to use Zoom here.)

Examples of program-specific research include:

  • Evidence-based health 
  • Marketing research
  • Locating technical standards
  • Legal research

Meet the Program Liaison Team

Business, Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Creative Industries

Juliet Conlon
Amanda Fudge

Community Services

Danya Goldsmith-Milne
Anita Fortes

Engineering, Information Technology, Trades and Workforce Development

Carrie Barrett
Jennevie Orio-Bebel

Interdisciplinary Studies & Academic Upgrading

Anita Fortes

Health & Life Sciences

Tessa Dueck
Danya Goldsmith-Milne