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Research Help Appointments

Make an Appointment (General Research)

Book an in-person or online (Zoom) appointment with a Research, Citing and Referencing support person for help finding high-quality resources for your research, as well as citing and referencing appropriately.

Make an Appointment (Program-Specific Research)

If you are seeking more in-depth research support related to your program area, you can book an in-person or online (Zoom) appointment with your program's contact person in the Library. (Learn how to use Zoom here.)

Examples of program-specific research include:

  • Evidence-based health 
  • Marketing research
  • Locating technical standards
  • Legal research

Meet the Program Liaison Team

Business, Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Creative Industries

Juliet Conlon
Amanda Fudge

Community Services

Danya Goldsmith-Milne
Anita Fortes

Engineering, Information Technology, Trades and Workforce Development

Carrie Barrett
Jennevie Orio-Bebel

Interdisciplinary Studies & Academic Upgrading

Anita Fortes

Health & Life Sciences

Tessa Dueck
Danya Goldsmith-Milne