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Virtual Services

Important Notice: Library Services is providing alternate forms of service during the Covid-19 pandemic period. Until further notice, all writing appointments will be virtual. Click on "Virtual Appointments" to learn more about attending a virtual session.

Please email Writing Services if you have questions.

Writing Support

Virtual Drop-In Sessions: 

15-minute drop-in sessions are available.  No appointment necessary!

Join Virtual Drop-In Session

  • Drop-in Schedule:  Monday – Thursday from 9:00 am to 11:00 am (EST). First come, first served.  Please use your Conestoga email when attending drop-in. 

Individual Writing Appointments: 

Book a 25 or 50 minute appointment online.  All appointments are virtual.  To book an appointment, click on  "Book Individual Writing Appointment."

Book Individual Writing Appointment

  • Key Points When Booking Online:
    • White squares on the schedule mean that a consultant is available for an appointment
    • Yellow squares are your appointments
    • All other colours mean a consultant is not available
    • If you book a virtual appointment, log in to the Booking System before your scheduled time and click on your appointment (in yellow). Then click on "START OR JOIN VIRTUAL CONSULTATION"
    • The first time you book online you will register for an account
    • One appointment per week
    • Your first appointment can only be 25 minutes long
  • Sign up for a workshop

Preparing for Your Virtual Appointment

  • Have all your assignment materials accessible during your appointment (draft, notes, assignment instructions)
  • Review any assignment instructions and feedback from previous assignments
  • Prepare a list of any questions you may want to be addressed during your appointment
  • Check that your microphone and webcam are working
  • Consider using Google Chrome as your browser; be sure to give Chrome permission to access your camera and microphone when logging into your appointment

Comments or Concerns

If you have any comments, suggestions, or concerns, please contact the Manager of Writing Services, James Yochem.