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Writing Workshops for Students

Writing Services offers a variety of out-of-class workshops for students. Register for a workshop on the Co-Curricular Portal to learn more about APA, paraphrasing, grammar, essay structure, and more!

Following each session, you will have the opportunity to complete a short two-sentence reflection about what you learned. Once approved, Student Engagement will document your learning and involvement on your Co-Curricular Record, which can help you stand out to future employers.

Register for a Workshop

Citing and Referencing Your Paper


In this 90-minute hands on workshop, students will explore the concept of plagiarism and how to use APA @ Conestoga to maintain academic integrity. They will learn what citations are, why citations are important, and how to properly create and integrate citations into their assignments.


  • Be able to use APA @ Conestoga to maintain Academic Integrity
  • Examine expectations for including evidence, in-text citations, and references

Reading Your Research


In this 90-minute hands-on workshop, students will explore how to effectively read research. This workshop is intended to provide an overview of reading strategies and a step-by-step approach to help students navigate journal articles and find information more quickly.


  • Analyze the different stages of reading
  • Explore multiple reading strategies
  • Apply reading strategies to a specific scenario

Developing Your Paper


In this 90-minute workshop, students will explore how to effectively use and analyze evidence in papers. They will also consider the value of paraphrasing and learn effective tools to make their task simpler. Students will come away from this workshop with a clearer understanding of how to utilize and comment on research.


  • Explore strategies for analyzing evidence
  • Learn to effectively paraphrase evidence 
  • Develop stronger critical thinking skills

Revising Your Paper


In this 90-minute workshop, students will learn about the various steps for editing and proofreading a paper. They will also apply strategies to address various higher and lower-order concerns to gain a better understanding of how to revise their own work.


  • Identify the steps of the revision process
  • Explore various revision strategies