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Action & Adventure

the sworn sword by george r.r. martin
fables volume 1 by bill willingham
fables volume 2 by bill willingham
pride of baghdad by brian vaughn
buffy freefall by joss whedon
undertaking of lily chen by danica novgodoroff
ronin by frank miller
walking dead compendium by robert kirkman

Historical, Biographical & Non-Fiction

the pemmican wars by katherena vermette
lighter than my shadow by katie green
fetch by nicole georges
boxers by gene luen yang
saints by gene luen yang
maus volume 2 by art speigelman
maus volume 1 by art speigelman
Persepolis volume one by marjane satrapi
persepolis volume 2 by marjane satrapi
march book one by john lewis
andre the giant by box brown
my friend dahmer by derf backderf
gandhi by jason quinn
queer by meg-john barker
march book 3 by john lewis
march book 2 by john lewis
marbles by ellen forney
american born chinese by gene luen yang
it never happened again by sam alden
secret path by gord downie
outside circle by patti laboucane-benson


chilling adventures of sabrina by roberto aguirre-sacasa
walking dead volume 28 by robert kirkman
outcast volume 5 by robert kirkman
afterlife with archie by roberto aguirre-sacasa
locke and key by joe hill
walking dead compendium by robert kirkman
hellblazer by jamie delano
nailbiter by joshua williamson
walking dead volume 9 by robert kirkman
walking dead volume 10 by robert kirkman
walking dead volume 11 by robert kirkman
walking dead volume 12 by robert kirkman
walking dead volume 14 by robert kirkman
walking dead volume 18 by robert kirkman
walking dead volume 15 by robert kirkman
through the woods by emily carroll
wytches by scott snyder
outcast volume 1 by robert kirkman
outcast volume 2 by robert kirkman
outcast volume 3 by robert kirkman
outcast volume 4 by robert kirkman


bigfoot i not dead by graham roumieu
anya's ghost by vera brosgol
ghost world by daniel clowes
wilson by daniel clowes
how to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you by the oatmeal staff
my new york diary by julie doucet
lost at sea by brian lee o'malley
adulthood is a myth by sarah anderson
something new by lucy knisley
super mutant ninja academy by jillian tamaki

Mystery & Suspense

city of glass by paul auster
chew volume 1 by john layman
gotham central volume 1 by ed brubaker
deadly class by rick remender
southern bastards by jason aaron
postal volume 2 by brian hill
fade out act one by ed brubaker
c.o.w.l. by hyle higgins
black hole by charles burns
sin city volume 1 by frank miller
sin city volume 2 by frank miller
sin city volume 3 by frank miller


blankets by craig thompson
petty theft by pascal girard
shortcomings by adrian tomine
summer blonde by adrian tomine
sleepwalk and other stories by adrian tomine

Science Fiction & Fantasy

curse words by charles soule
alex + ada by jonathan luna
saga volume 1 by brian vaughan
saga volume 2 by brian vaughan
descender by jeff lemire
nausicaa by hayao miyazaki
sandman by neil gaiman
v for vendetta by alan moore
y the last man by brian vaughan
one small step by brian vaughan
wicked + divine by Kieron gillen
Manhattan projects, volume 1: science bad by jonathan hickman
East of west, volume 1: the promise by jonathan hickman
black river by josh simmons
They're not like us, vol. 1: black holes for the young by eric stephenson
Symmetry, volume one by matt hawkins
paper girls volume 1 by brian vaughn


black hammer by jeff lemire
Extraordinary X-men : X-haven by jeff lemire
Batman vs. Superman by jim lee
Black panther: a nation under our feet by Ta-nehisi coates
the punisher by garth ennis
deadpool the complete collection by daniel way
Spiderman/Deadpool: isn't it bromantic? by joe kelly
daredevil volume 1 by charles soule
Invincible Iron Man: reboot by brian bendis
Batman, volume 1: the court of owls by scott snyder
Batman, volume 2: the city of owls by scott snyder
X-Men: the Dark Phoenix saga by chris claremont
hellboy seed of destruction by mike mignola
hellboy wake the devil by mike mignola
superman for all seasons by jeph loeb
batman year one by frank miller
the watchmen by frank miller
batman the black mirror scott snyder
League of extraordinary gentlemen: vol. I by alan moore
League of extraordinary gentlemen: Vol II by alan moore
Hawkeye: my life as a weapon by matt fraction
Batman: Arkham asylum by grant morrison