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Using This Resource

The search box on the Library's homepage will not search documents found in this resource.

Subject-Specific Resources

Choosing to search individual databases, which are often subject-specific (e.g. business, health) can help you reduce the number of irrelevant results you find while searching.

Unique Search Features

Though this entire database is searched when using the Library's homepage search box, there are a number of search features of the database that can only be accessed when searching it directly. These may include:

  • Finding articles based on their number of pages
  • Searching by unique categories ("fields") (e.g. Company Entity, Ticker Symbol)
  • Searching by more specific publication and document types (e.g. Case Study, Product Review)

Additional Authentication

After logging into this resource using your Conestoga College credentials, you will also be asked to enter an Access Code. The access code is "conestoga."

How-To Videos & Documents

These "how-to" videos and documents provide an overview of the various features of this resource.