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Writing Details


Words should be lowercase unless you are directed to capitalize them in APA 7th Edition.


the first word of a complete sentence The students absolutely loved the new website.
the first word after a colon if the following is a complete sentence Student feedback was universal: The website was needed.
proper nouns The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company sells amazing gifts.
proper adjectives Four Lebanese families attended the information session.
names of racial and ethnic groups The study focuses on the experiences of 5 Black women who live in Kitchener.
names of specific departments, academic institutions, or courses I met my partner in Psychology 101 at the University of Edinburgh.
trade and brand names Many study participants were already taking Advil (ibuprofen) on a regular basis.
job titles that precede a name Did you know that President Barack Obama was born in 1961?
personal names that appear in diseases, disorders, treatments, theories, etc. Alzheimer’s disease non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma Down syndrome Parkinson’s disease

Do Not Capitalize

personal names that begin with lowercase letters (even if it begins a sentence) van Nieuwkerk is widely respected in the field of dance studies.
proper nouns that begin with lowercase letters The participants all received new iPads as gifts after the study completed.
common nouns The professor recommended that I take a psychology course to enhance my nursing skills.
The company sold over 2,500 units last quarter.
Investigators noted which participants were not taking ibuprofen regularly.
job titles or positions that follow the name or refer to a position in general Justin Trudeau is the prime minister of Canada.
diseases, disorders, therapies, theories and related terms depression
dengue fever
cataract surgery