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Exploring the Culture of a Country

Looking for info on the culture of a country? Books/eBooks will be very useful to you for finding both cultural overviews, as well as detailed descriptions of aspects of a culture - sometimes all within the same book!

Books & eBooks

Try the following guidebooks series which you can find in the library's print collection.


Find reports describing various aspects of the culture and etiquette related to a country by accessing CultureGrams reports.

Encyclopedias Online

Access cultural overviews for background information on a culture using encyclopedias.Some encyclopedias are on a more specific topic, for example food, fashion or religion, in which can you can find more detailed descriptions of these aspects of a culture.

GVRL inclues the following encyclopedias: Countries and their Cultures, Cities of the World, Encyclopedia of Food and Culture, Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religion Practices, Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion, Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life...and more.

Other Websites for Culture and Etiquette Info