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Access the complete CSA collection of standards and codes including all archived editions and language options. Please note: you can View Online and even bookmark the full-text of standards, however, downloading pdfs is currently unavailable. If you have any questions or technical difficulties, please email the ETT Library Team

Accessing CSA Standards and Codes

Before you get started
  1. If you are not already signed in to Library resources, you will be prompted to do so when you follow the link.
  2. Search by standard name, number or keyword.
  3. Selecting the standard will open a list of current and previous editions of that standard.  
  4. Click on the standard number from the list and the option to "View Online" appears on the right.
  5. You can Save to Browser (top right corner) for quick access in the future.

You must be a self-registered user to add notes or highlights.  Refer to the red, "Self-Register for a Personal Account" box on this page for details.

Note: "Download PDF" does not work.

Access CSA OnDemand
Self-Register for a Personal Account
  • Personalize documents with highlights or notes by self-registering for a free personal account.
  • Create your account by following the "Self-register now" link at the bottom of the home page
  • Every time you want to access your personal account, you must first sign out of the Conestoga College CSA Group subscription and then login with your personal account

Please refer to the User Guide for additional information.

Common Questions

For more information please review the CSA OnDemand user guide or contact the ETT Library Team

Can I print?

Unfortunately, printing is not allowed.

Can I access the Canadian Electrical Code through CSA?

Yes, but locating it can be a bit tricky!

Can I save a standard?

The View Online web viewer offers all the same functionalities as a saved PDF version when logged in as a self-registered user (i.e. add personal notes and highlights).  Downloading PDFs is not available. 

When viewing a standard online, you can download to your browser and then Bookmark the standard for quick access. Please note, highlighting and adding comments are not available unless you self-register.

You can also create a Favourites list for quick access to specific standards.

Where did my bookmarked standards go?

If you have recently cleared your browser cache, any bookmarked standards not saved in your self-registered account will disappear.  To ensure this doesn't happen, create a self-registered account. 

Can I save and view standards offline

Saving standards to your browser offers offline access for most standards in the collection.

The following standards are unavailable for offline access.

  • C22.1, Canadian Electrical Code 
  • C22.1HB, Canadian electrical code handbook
  • B149 HB, Natural Gas and Propane Code Handbook
  • B149.1, Natural gas and propane installation code
  • B149.2, Propane storage and handling code
  • B149.3, Code for the field approval of fuel-related components on appliances and equipment
  • B149.5, Installation code for propane fuel systems and containers on motor vehicles
  • B139 SERIES, Installation code for oil-burning equipment.