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Frequently Asked Questions

I've downloaded an e-book, and it's an .acsm file, but it won't open. How do I open it?

You must have Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) installed, and have logged into Adobe Digital Editions with your Adobe ID, which you also must create. If you have not logged in to ADE with your Adobe ID before you download the .ascm file, you may have to re-download the file after downloading ADE and logging in with your Adobe ID for the .ascm file to open successfully.

Can I keep an e-book forever? 

No. The .ascm file you download and open in Adobe Digital Editions will expire after one or two weeks, depending on the loan period you select when downloading. Afterwards, you must return to the e-book within the library's platform and borrow it again to regain access.

The details of the e-book say it has "Unrestricted Downloads." That sounds like I should be able to download the book and keep it. Why can't I? 

"Unrestricted Downloads" means that downloading of the full e-book, using the process described in the video, is available for that particular title. Some e-books are sold with "Online Only" access, in which case no downloading is available.