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Reusing H5P Studio Content

Uploading content created elsewhere

You may also use eCampusOntario H5P Studio to share or modify H5P content created on other sites. To do so, first download the H5P content you wish to share by selecting the "reuse" button at the bottom of the module. If this option is not available, the author has not made the content available for modification. Then, visit eCampusOntario H5P Studio and select "Create" from the top menu bar. Select "Upload" and choose the downloaded H5P files from your local computer. The module, as well as any associated metadata, will then be available for you to share or modify.

Allowing/Disabling Reuse

At the bottom of the H5P editor you will see a checkbox labeled "Display buttons (download, embed and copyright). This box is checked by default. The following options are available:

  • Allow users to download the content: To allow downloads of your content as an .h5p file to use or modify on other sites.
  • Embed button: To allow embedding of your content as an iframe on other sites.
  • Copyright button: To display the associated copyright and licensing information. 

Learn more about reusing H5P interactives by visiting the Reusing Interactives from the H5P Studio Catalogue article posted in the Teaching and Learning Faculty Learning Hub.

Sharing your H5P Studio Content

For more information, refer to Teaching and Learning's When and How to Share in the H5P Studio Catalogue article on the Faculty Learning Hub.