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Saving a Link to a Video

Do not use the browser URL to link back to resources. Use the persistent link instead.

Creating Persistent Links

Want to save a link to a document? URLs copied from the address bar in SafetyHub will not work when clicked on later.

Instead, complete the following steps:

finding the more info button

choosing the video URL pop-up

  1. Locate the video, click the "More Info" button and click </>Embed on the top right.
  2. Copy the "Video URL."  The other options for "Embed Code" and "Embed in LMS" are less reliable.
  3. Edit the Video URL using the following two steps:
    1. Delete the portion of the URL that says "
      For example, this URL
      changes to
    2. Add the following string of text to the front of the URL:
      For example, the above URL:
  4. Copy this URL and paste it in the location you wish to use it.