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Nursing Skills Videos, 4th Edition

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Series 1: Basic

This collection includes:

  • Basic Infection Control

  • Bathing

  • Bedmaking

  • Safe Patient Handling

  • Assisting with Elimination

  • Nutrition and Fluids

  • Personal Hygiene and Grooming

  • Vital Signs

  • Restraints and Alternatives

Series 2: Intermediate

This collection includes:

  • Infection Control

  • Enteral Nutrition

  • Ostomy Care

  • Respiratory Care and Suctioning

  • Preoperative Nursing Care

  • Postoperative Nursing Care

  • Specimen Collection

  • Urinary Catheter Management

  • Wound and Pressure Ulcer Care

Series 3: Advanced

This collection includes:

  • Safe Medication Administration

  • Nonparenteral Medication Administration

  • Injections

  • Administering Intravenous Fluid Therapy

  • Managing Intravenous Fluid Therapy

  • Intravenous Medication Administration

  • Transfusion of Blood and Blood Products

  • Vascular Access

  • Parenteral Nutrition