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Evaluating Sources

Whether you are researching a topic for personal, academic or professional purposes, selecting high quality and credible information will benefit the outcome of your research.  You need to know how to evaluate the trustworthiness of the information that you find. This guide presents strategies to help you evaluate sources.

Evaluation Tools

SIFT: Online Verification Skills

Playlist of 4 Videos - 11 minutes total runtime

SIFT stands for Stop, Investigate, Find better coverage, and Trace claims. SIFT outlines a series of fact-checking strategies that are web-native, meaning they work best with online sources. Watch these short YouTube clips to learn how to use SIFT in minutes.


CARS Evaluation Tool

CARS stands for Credibility, Accuracy, Relevance, and Support. It's a process designed to help you determine the reliability of a source by highlighting bias or lack of evidentiary support. Use our CARS evaluation toolkit to easily begin assessing your sources.

CRAAP Evaluation Tool

Very similar to CARS, CRAAP stands for Currency, Relevance, Accuracy, Authority and Purpose.