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Terms of Use

Allowable Uses

Conestoga Library & Learning Services' online learning resources are provided for non-commercial use only. Except for Archive and Repository items which have been made publicly available to all users, content from these resources is licenced for use by current Conestoga students, faculty and staff and cannot be made available, in any form, to individuals, businesses or organizations outside of Conestoga.

Systematic or substantial printing, copying or downloading of content (e.g. entire journal issues, entire books, etc.) is not permitted. Researchers conducting research involving data-harvesting of library database content must contact the library to ensure they comply with the relevant vendor licencing agreements. 

Privacy in Page 1+ and Library Databases

Page 1+ is a discovery tool and as such, does not provide the full text of resources. It acts as a portal to access full text from various vendors that Library & Learning Services works with to facilitate resource access through their database products.

As such, Page 1+ does not require sign-in for use and can therefore be used anonymously. However, some functionality is limited for unauthenticated users, for example, viewing current library loan status, requests, favourited items and search history.  To access these features, users must log in with Conestoga's Single Sign On system in the same way they sign in to other college applications (e.g. Office 365, eConestoga, Student Portal). 

Ex Libris, the company that provides the Page 1+ product (known internally as Primo VE), collects some analytics data when you log in. However, all analytics data is anonymized, no user indication data is kept, and all IPs are scrubbed from the last two sections of the IP address. Server log files are only used for operational purposes and are retained for up to 10 weeks.

To access the full text of a resource, users must click on a resource found in Page 1+ search results. When users do this, they leave the Page 1+ system and enter the website of one of many vendors' database platforms. Users may choose to create a personal account in the vendor platform to take advantage of their personalization features. However, users are subject to each vendor's privacy policy and terms of use. As well, users acknowledge that the vendors may collect usage data and store encrypted personal information submitted for account creation on servers located within the United States, Canada or the European Union.

As outlined in Conestoga's Acceptable Use of Technology Policy and Procedure (found on Conestoga Policies, Procedures, Practices and Guidelines webpage), when incidents are suspected of violating this Policy and Procedure (for example, in the event of suspected non-commercial use of resources, or resource access shared with unauthorized users), the College will exercise its rights to investigate and execute appropriate disciplinary action.