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Fines for Overdue Technology and Equipment

You are responsible for all items signed out on your Conestoga Library account. Fines for late items are calculated according to the rates below:

Tech Loan Material (4 hour loan period) Fine
Phone chargers, cords, portable DVD player, mice, card readers, video adaptors, etc. $1.00/hour to a maximum of $15.00
PowerPoint remotes, mini tripods $1.00/hour to a maximum of $25.00
Calculators $1.00/hour to a maximum of $30.00
Laptops $5.00/hour to a maximum of $50.00

Accounts with unreturned, lost, or damaged material will be charged the replacement cost of the item. Fines can be paid with debit, VISA, Mastercard, or ONE Card Condor Cash. We are unable to accept cash for fines. As we do not have point-of-sale terminals at all campus locations, fines can be paid by calling 519-748-5220 extension 3361 during Doon Library business hours.

Reminders are sent advising when items are late. Items not returned after the third notice are handled by Conestoga’s Finance Department. Library privileges are blocked when there are outstanding materials or fines on your account. College transcripts, certificates, diplomas and degrees are withheld by Conestoga until all outstanding accounts are cleared.

If you have concerns regarding late fine charges on your account, please complete the Library Services Late Penalty Appeal Form before payment for consideration.