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Frequently Asked Questions

What is APA @ Conestoga?

APA @ Conestoga is based on APA 7th edition. APA @ Conestoga is the style guide used by Conestoga College. It guides students on how to avoid plagiarism by properly acknowledging all sources used in a paper. It is also used to guide students on how to organize their research in a consistent format. 

What is the difference between APA @ Conestoga 7th edition and APA @ Conestoga?

APA @ Conestoga is congruent with APA 7th edition. Please review the document at the bottom of the page to see the differences between APA @ Conestoga 6th, APA @ Conestoga 7th and APA 7th. 

What does APA @ Conestoga look like?

APA @ Conestoga not only standardizes the way you cite and reference your sources, but also how you format a paper. Download our Sample Paper to see how an APA @ Conestoga formatted paper should look.

How do I format my paper?

APA @ Conestoga has guidelines on how to format your paper including font size as well as spacing, margin, and indenting requirements. This information can be found in the Paper Format section of the website. 

To help you with the computer mechanics of formatting your paper, we have created a Paper Template that you can open in Microsoft Word.  This template already has the font and spacing created along with heading formatting, so all you have to do is insert your content.

How do I include research in my paper?

To properly include research in your paper, you must acknowledge each source each time you use the source. Including research has two parts, and this website provides information for each part:

Quoting & Paraphrasing – using the information from your research

Citations in Text – acknowledging your research

It is important to remember that when you include research in your paper, you must include a reference list.

How do I make a reference list?

Creating references from the formulas provided on this website in the Reference List section is the most accurate way to develop your reference list. Using computer software applications like Microsoft Word does not always provide accurate information for APA, and often you are not prompted to provide all necessary information.

To help you in organizing your references and gathering all the necessary information, we encourage you to use our Tracking Sources document.  This resource is organized by type of source (journal article, book, website, etc.).