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Paper Format


Headings can be used in papers to help guide the reader. Ask your instructor if headings are required.

The following guidelines show you how to use different types of headings.

Heading Level Formatting
Heading Level 1 (Major Headings ex. References) 
  • centered

  • bold

  • Title Case Capitalization

Heading Level 2 (Subsections of a Level 1 Heading)
  • left-aligned

  • bold

  • Title Case Capitalization

Heading Level 3 (Subsections of a Level 2 Heading) 
  • left-aligned

  • bold & italic

  • Title Case Capitalization



Example of headings in APA @ Conestoga

Heading Format for Reference Page: Level 1 Heading




Heading Format for Appendix Page: Level 1 Heading 



Appendix A