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Program Liaison

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Juliet Conlon
Conestoga College
Doon Library
519-748-5220 ext. 2210

When Would You Use EAG Canada Allocate?

The software helps you find demographic and detailed expenditure statistics for populations across Canada, even at a Postal Code level. Take a look at some example statistical outputs to get a better idea of the possibilities.

The software is available on 3 laptops in the Library. Sign one out at the Library Information & Research Desk.

Once you have logged into the laptop using the credentials found on the login screen, look for the Allocate desktop icon to open the software.

Generation 5 Allocate Icon found on desktop

The Process - Basic Steps

To extract information from Allocate, you must design your output using 5 basic steps.

The 5 step process

  1. Pick a geographic area to analyze
  2. Pick demographic & expenditure details of interest
  3. Choose the file type and style of output
  4. Save your output selections for later use
  5. Click Finish to retrieve statistics.

Limitations and Restrictions

  • You cannot use this software to find statistics on businesses. It only contains information from household surveys.
  • This software only reports Canadian statistics.
  • You cannot use this software if you are not a current student, staff or faculty member at Conestoga.