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Conestoga has discontinued its subscription to EAG Canada Allocate software, which was available on select computers in the library. However, the alternative tools recommended below offer new and unique features while performing comparable business intelligence, with the significant benefit of being online - anytime, anywhere!

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Resource Alternatives 

Looking to find demographics / consumer behaviour of Canadians?

Try Vividata!

Vividata provides statistics on Canadian consumer use of 2,500 products and brands as well as psychographic details influencing consumer behaviour. Vividata is the leading source for cross-media and consumer insights for many of Canada's – and the world's – most successful brands.


Explore our Vividata page to learn more about the product and how to use it.

Looking to perform custom cross-tabulations of demographic / consumer behaviour variables for Canada?

Use Nielsen IMS!

Nielsen's IMS Clear Decisions Crosstab software is used to define a target population and analyse their various demographics, product usage, behavior, and media and lifestyle choices.


Explore our Nielsen IMS Help page to learn more about the product and how to use it.

Looking for location intelligence or to select business sites for specific regions / cities of Ontario?

Check out PiinPoint!

PiinPoint is a strategic site selection tool where users can access demographic, competition, traffic and other data to validate potential site locations. This location intelligence software assists with determining ideal markets, identifying high performing sites, and optimizing networks for the future.


Explore PiinPoint’s help guide to learn how to use its unique features and gain access to the product.