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Vividata provides statistics on Canadian consumer use of 2,500 products and brands as well as psychographic details influencing consumer behaviour.

Vividata Login

Library Services provides access to Vividata exclusively through the Nielsen Clear Decisions software accessible via a remote desktop connection.

By clicking the link below, I acknowledge and agree that only persons who are specifically authorized by a university or college pursuant to the terms of a membership agreement may access and use Vividata studies and the information contained in this Vividata platform. Vividata may audit logins to review compliance by users and persons logging in.

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Using and Referencing Vividata


  • All data from Vividata SCC l (Study of the Canadian Consumer) databases must clearly state the relevant year and period of the Study or Studies as the source of the data (see reference below). Ensure that any data presented and reported is accurate and the source clearly identified.
  • When Vividata results are presented together with data from other sources, the information should clearly distinguish the different data sources by including separate citations and references
  • User may not distribute any data from Vividata studies in any form beyond their intended use for educational programs or assignments. For clarity, Vividata data may not be distributed to co-op employers or capstone project collaborators.

Example of a Vividata Reference

Vividata. (2022, Spring). Vividata SCC - Automotive/Vehicle Ownership/purchase - Demographics Age/Generation-Age [Data set].
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