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Article Databases

Start with one or more of these article databases:

Each database contains a variety of subject-specific resources including scholarly journals, professional and trade magazines, news, and the like.

For complementary suggestions, please visit the Interior Design & Architecture Guide.

Subject-Specific Resources:

Looking for Open Access Journals? 

Search for Magazines, Newspapers and Journals by Title

Example: Search for Quality Progress.

Video Collections

The Library provides a wide variety of streaming videos including documentaries and educational films. Search for the subject you are interested in, such as Architecture, Design, Structural Engineering, etc.

E-book Collections

Explore the full text of hundreds of thousands of books electronically, with 24/7 access wherever you have an internet connection.

Image Collections

Search the Library's image collections for pictures of significant buildings or other structures. You can use these images in your reports and presentations, or easily post them to eConestoga.