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Program Development & Review

The Library is a central component of Conestoga’s academic environment. As such, our Program Liaison Teams provide critical information in the program development, review and renewal processes.

One of our primary functions during these processes is the preparation of support materials for submissions, including Self-Studies, PEQAB reports, APRs and MPRs. Our support materials may include:

  • Subject coverage analysis of existing resources
  • Collection usage analysis
  • New resource recommendations and budget projections
  • Mapping of Information Management skills instruction in relevant courses
  • Information about facilities and services

*Submissions often require the gathering of extensive information. When contacting us to request this information, please allow at least three weeks for completion.

Our Liaison Teams also provide the following services:

  • Participation on PAC and PDAC Committees
  • Consultation with faculty and curriculum consultants to develop strategies for addressing Essential Employability Skills and Degree-Level Expectations related to information-seeking and management
  • Attendance at accreditation meetings and provision of tours during site visits