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Faculty Requested Workshops

In addition to providing writing and citing support outside the classroom, Writing Services also collaborates with faculty to provide in-class support. If you have ideas about working together to support your students, please contact the Writing Services manager, James Yochem, at

In-Class Workshop Options

In this 50-minute workshop, students will explore the concept of plagiarism and how to use APA @ Conestoga to maintain academic integrity. If students are expected to use specific types of sources, please provide information in the additional comments section of the workshop booking form.

In this 60-minute hands-on workshop, students will explore how to effectively develop a strong thesis, how to paraphrase research that supports that thesis, and how to analyze the research.

In this 60-minute hands-on workshop, students will learn about the various steps for editing and proofreading a paper. They will also apply strategies to address various higher and lower-order concerns to gain a better understanding of how to revise their own work.

This 60-minute hands-on workshop will give students the tools needed to conquer sentence fragments, comma splices, and run-on sentences. Together we'll demystify how nouns, verbs, and conjunctions work together to create simple, complex, and compound sentences.  

In this 50-minute workshop, students will explore integrating and analyzing evidence, the structure of a basic essay, as well as how to build and support a strong thesis statement.

In this 90-minute comprehensive workshop, students will explore how to create effective business reports with a focus on executive summaries. This workshop is intended to provide an overview of audience, tone, and structure, and will offer strategies for how to focus and organize information within business reports.

In this 60-minute workshop, students will explore the basics of literature reviews, including what they are and why they are significant. Students will learn to develop a synthesis matrix to organize their research, and they will master the elements of a basic literature review outline. They will leave this workshop prepared to write.

In this 50-minute workshop, students will learn the differences between an academic research paper and an academic reflection and explore different ways to structure these types of assignments. They will also learn the basics of citing and referencing the research they incorporate into them.

In this 50-minute workshop, students will explore the organization and typical features of a technical lab report. If you would like the workshop to address basic elements of a specific style guide, please provide the style guide in the Additional Comments section of the Workshop Booking Form.

Please let us know if there is a different type of workshop that you would like.

Book an In-Class Workshop

Click the button below to book a virtual or in-person workshop for your students. If you have any specific requests for the session, please include them in the form.


APA Support

If you have questions about APA or any other style guide, please let us know at