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Testing Audio

Please note: your professor may have mics muted during the meeting.

You can test your video before or during a meeting to ensure it is working correctly. Follow these steps to test your video:

Computer Audio (for Windows/Mac):

  • Test your computer speakers and mic by clicking on the ^ icon next to the microphone at the bottom of the meeting screen.
    • A dialog box appears with options to test your equipment or select another from the drop-down menu.
    • Click Test Speaker/Test Mic to see the output/input volume levels. This will show you that others can hear you.

For more information on other devices, please visit the Zoom Help Centre's Testing Computer or Device Audio page.


Troubleshooting Audio

Windows Computers

Troubleshooting tips for Windows:

  •   Make sure your mic isn't muted on your computer or on the device itself.
  •   Restart your computer.
  •   Uninstall the Zoom client and reinstall the latest version from our Download Center.
  •   Visit your device's support and downloads page to update the speakers/mic driver. 

Please note: Windows 10 has a privacy feature that may block Zoom from using the microphone

iOS or Android Devices

Troubleshooting: My Audio is Not Working on iOS or Android.