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Library Services

Library Services has a wide selection of electronic resources to meet your educational needs. The advantages of using these resources include:

  • large selection of resources, including videos, eBooks, articles and image databases
  • up-to-date resources
  • 24/7 access for students
  • most streaming videos are captioned
  • minimizes copyright concerns (read more about using Library Service resources below)

Articles and eBooks

Using the Library Services electronic resources will provide your students with a wealth of information. Did you know that we have:

  • access to over 250,000 eBooks
  • millions of academic and trade journals, including Journal of Light Construction and the Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine 
  • newspapers, such as the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star
  • Magazines, such as Popular Mechanics and Maclean's
  • and much more
Providing Access to Students

Licensing agreements between the College and the database vendors do not allow PDFs originating from article databases to be posted directly online or sent as an email attachment. 

Instead, link to the article/eBook record in one of the Library's article databases for distribution to current Conestoga students, faculty, and staff. Permanent URLs are normally provided by the database and instructors are permitted to post these links on password-protected course sites, such as eConestoga, allowing their students to easily link to the articles.

Use these tutorials to learn the process of finding and inserting permanent links, or for more assistance, contact your Program Liaison.

Library Streamed Videos

The Library has access to thousands of streamed videos, which can be shown in the classroom or embedded or linked to in eConestoga. Many of the videos are closed-captioned. A partial list of  Library film databases are below. For a more extensive list, click on Library's Video Streaming Resources.

Library Image Databases

The Library Resource Center has access to several image databases. Images from these databases can be used in PowerPoint Presentations or loaded to eConestoga. Click on the links below to explore the databases: