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Citing Information Within a Table

When you create a table compiled of information from other sources, include a superscript letter at the end of the cited information (start with “a” and order left to right and top to bottom). Include citation information with the author and year below the table after “Note” following the corresponding superscript letter. While numerical data does not require a p./para. # for information in a table, make sure you include the p./para. # for any quoted text. If you use a source more than once, use the same superscripted letter.


Table 1

2020 Compact Sedan Fuel Efficiency and Cost

Make & model Fuel consumption (Litres per 100 KMs) Base price (CAD)
2020 Honda Civic (1.5 L) 6.7a $20,285b
2020 Toyota Corolla (2.0 L) 6.9a $23, 591c
2020 Hyundai Ioniq (1.6 L) 4.1a $25,399d

Note. From aFilion (2020). bHonda Canada (2020). cOntario Toyota Dealers (2020). dHyundai Canada (2020).