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chart and graphs in a notebook

Visuals & Appendices

Figures & Tables

Figures include visuals such as digital images, photographs, illustrations, charts, or graphs. Tables are lists of data arranged in columns. They may be placed

  • in the document close to where they were mentioned or
  • at the end in an appendix.

The APA @ Conestoga style guide for figures and tables has been modified from APA (7th edition) to better match the needs of student assignments. To see the American Psychological Association's recommendations for published works, please visit their Tables and Figures page.

Figure & Table Components

All figures and tables will have these four basic components:

  • Figure/Table Number
    • Number figures or tables (Figure 1, Figure 2, Table 1, Table 2, etc.) in the order they appear.
    • The figure/table number must appear above the image’s title in bold.
  • Title
    • One double-spaced line below the figure number, include a descriptive title using
      • italics & 
      • Title Case Capitalization.
  • Note
    • After Note., you can provide brief explanation of the material and acknowledge how you used the material with 
      • From if the figure/table is an exact copy or
      • Adapted from if you have used information from the source to create the figure/table.
  • Citation
    • This is will include
      • author
      • year of publication 
      • page number (if applicable)
      • copyright information (only for Creative Commons)


Example of a figure with labels. Shows a cute puppy.

Canada goose figure labelled. Image reminds you to double space the caption, to include a clarifying note, and to include copyright information on the public domain.