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Welcome to the Generative AI Toolkit

This guide will help you learn more about generative AI (Gen AI), how it might impact your learning, and how to use it ethically and responsibly.

AI Guidelines at Conestoga for Students

Conestoga OLC. (2023, September 15). Student AI demo [Online video]. YouTube.

Stay Informed: Find AI Research

Use the search bar below to find all types of information on artificial intelligence. The search bar is set up to automatically apply the subject term "artificial intelligence" to your search; this allows you to focus on a specific aspect of artificial intelligence. 

Examples: search for Education or Healthcare


Generative artificial intelligence is an evolving area, and the information in this guide will evolve, too. If you notice out-of-date or missing information, please contact

This material is meant as a general guide. Generative AI may not be permitted in every course or assignment. If your instructor provides different instructions from the information in this guide, always follow your instructor's directions. It is your responsibility to educate yourself about any AI you use and understand the risks when you are permitted to use it.