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Doing Your Research

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Step 3: Research/Gathering Information

Not sure where to search for the information you need? Why can’t you just Google it? Remember, not everything is available online and free of charge, especially when you’re searching for academic resources. The Library has access to specialized databases you can use to find academic resources you won’t find for free on the Internet. Here are some ways you can start looking for information for your research assignment:

It’s also important that you keep track of the sources you use and where you found specific pieces of information. Use this template to help you track your sources, which will make it easier when you have to reference your sources later.

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Step 4: Reading/Evaluating Research

To use the information you have found in your research, you need to do more than simply looking things up and referencing the information in your assignment. You need to decide if the resources you use contain accurate information and are appropriate for use in an academic assignment.

Next, you need to read the resource carefully so that you fully understand the content.