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Step 7: Drafting

This is the stage that you actually start writing your essay using full sentences and paragraphs. If you did your brainstorming and outlining, this part should be easy!  

  • Moving from Outline to Essay shows how to develop your outline into paragraphs.
  • You can also use the Paper Template when you start typing your essay. This template will ensure that your paper is formatted properly, which will save you valuable time later.

Experiencing the dreaded “writer’s block?” Learn how to overcome writer’s block it so you can use the most of your time. 

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Step 8: Documenting your Sources

It is very important to document your sources in order to avoid plagiarism. 

Most programs at Conestoga use APA @ Conestoga as a style for citing and referencing.

Want a more interactive overview on how to document your sources? Try these online tutorials available on the Writing Services guide:

Not using APA style? Visit the Library’s Citing and Referencing pages to find information and quick links on how to cite your sources: