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Assistive Technology Devices

All items are available to borrow for a two-week loan from the Teach Me Tech Lab (room 2A501) at Doon. Students at other campuses wishing to access these resources can do so by emailing us.

C-Pen Reader

Scanning & reading pen

C-Pen Reader

The C-Pen Reader is a portable, pocket-sized device that reads words and lines of text out loud. Also features a built-in dictionary for easy definitions, and a scanner for capturing and uploading text to a PC or Mac.

Device comes with:
  • Carrying Case
  • USB Cable
  • Instruction Manual
  • Headphones
Learn how to use the C-Pen Reader (User Guide).

Handheld Magnifiers

For reading & hard-to-see tasks

three different handheld magnifiers

Various styles of handheld magnifiers (including illuminated magnifiers) can be signed out for reading and hard-to-see tasks.

HumanWare SmartView 360

Rotating video magnifier

HumanWare SmartView 360

The SmartView 360 video magnifier features an integrated, rotating camera that is easily positioned to magnify images.

Device comes with:
  • Box
  • User's Guide
  • Getting Started Guide
  • AC Power Cord
Learn how to use the HumanWare SmartView 360 (User Guide).

Myo Gesture Control Armband

Touch-free control of your device

Myo Gesture Control armband

This device gives you touch-free control of your smartphone, computer, and other devices. It is designed to detect five distinct hand gestures, as well as the motions of your forearm, to let you wirelessly control the technology around you. Can be used as a wearable presentation remote.

Device comes with:
  • Bag
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • Bluetooth Adaptor
  • 10 Myo Sizing Clips
Learn how to use the Myo Gesture Control armband (User Guide).

Onyx Deskset HD

Portable video magnifier

Onyx Deskset HD

The ONYX Deskset HD is a portable video magnifier with an integrated camera and monitor that adapts to multiple viewing environments and tasks.

Device comes with:
  • Carrying Case
Learn how to use the Onyx Deskset HD (User Guide).