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Reading Support


For reading, writing, studying, & research

Download links:

Read&Write logo

The full version of Read&Write is available for all current Conestoga students and employees to download using the links above. 


  • Provides personalized support tools to help with reading, writing, and researching
  • Features include text-to-speech, speech-to-text, highlighters, and summary tools

Compatibility: Windows and Mac, Chrome extension

Cost: Free

Immersive Reader

Free tool that uses proven techniques to improve reading

Immersive Reader logo


  • Tools that read text out loud, break it into syllables, and increase spacing between lines and letters.
  • Improves comprehension, encourages independent reading, and is simple to use.

Compatibility: OneNote, Word, Outlook, Microsoft Edge, Teams, and Office Lens.

Cost: Free.


Text-to-speech extension & mobile app 

Speechify logo


  • Natural sounding voices to listen to your articles, PDFs, physical books
  • Mobile app allows you to scan physical book pages with your camera and Speechify will read you the content

Compatibility: iOS, Chrome, Web, Android, Mobile Safari Extension. Your library of audiobooks will sync across all your devices.

Cost: Free and premium accounts.

Voice Dream Reader

Mobile text-to-speech app

Voice Dream Reader logo


  • Mobile text-to-speech app. Reads webpages, documents, PDFs, and eBooks. 
  • Tools include bookmarking, text highlighting and annotation, full text search, and dictionary 

Compatibility: iOS, Android app

Cost: $20.99 (iOS); $13.99 (Android)

Natural Reader

Reader with natural-sounding voices



  • Text-to-speech to read webpages, documents, eBooks, and emails aloud

Compatibility: Windows, Mac desktop software, iOS and Android app

Cost: Free and paid versions available

Dolphin Easy Reader

Accessible reading app

Dolphin Easy Reader logo


  • Accessible reading app for people with print disabilities including dyslexia, low vision and blindness
  • Instant and direct access to 15 international accessible book and newspaper libraries, including CELA library and Bookshare 

Compatibility: iOS and Android app

Cost: Free

Mercury Reader

Remove ads & distractions online 

Mercury Reader logo


  • Simplify the web reading experience by removing ads and distractions to focus on the text

Compatibility: Chrome extension

Cost: Free

Microsoft Office Lens

Digitize handouts & whiteboard notes

Microsoft Office Lens logo


  • Digitize printed handouts and whiteboard notes into editable documents and save to OneDrive or OneNote
  • Use with Immersive Reader to have text read to you

Compatibility: iOS and Android app

Cost: Free

Claro ScanPen

Scanner & reader app

Claro ScanPen logo


  • Take a photo of your printed document, select text with your finger and have it read back to you

Compatibility: iOS, Android app

Cost: $13.99