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Assignments can be collected using the Assessment Student Sample Export Tool. This is found in: eConestoga—Permanent Courses—eConestoga Instructor Tools—Assessment Student Sample Export Tool (ASSET).

Follow the tool’s steps to collect one Minimally Acceptable, one Average, and one Exemplary example of each assessment.

(If your program requires additional samples for other additional accreditors, you can include them now. For example, CEAB accreditation requires 3 "Marginal" (Minimally Acceptable) examples. Check with your Chair or program coordinator).

Steps for ASSET:

  1. Within eConestoga, open the Assessment Student Sample Export Tool
  2. Choose the course from drop-down menu
  3. Select the 3 levels of student work from each assignment worth 10% or greater
  4. Generate ZIP file
  5. Unzip the folder.
    1. Double check that all the files are accounted for and openable. You can add additional documents such as rubrics and assignment instructions as needed.
  6. Move the folders into your course PEQAB Folder Template under the appropriate folder label. For example, assignments should be moved in the folder labelled “Assignments.”  

*The ASSET tool has been newly developed within eConestoga. If you encounter any errors or concerns with the tool, please reach out to so that we can address the issues as soon as possible.


Extracting Individual Assignments (without using ASSET)

If you choose not to use ASSET, you can download a copy of each assignment individually and save it to the appropriate folder.  

If available, please use unmarked submissions found within eConestoga when submitting student work samples.

  1. In eConestoga, go to Course Admin > Assignments

  2. Select the Down Arrow beside the desired assignment and View Submissions

  3. Select and Download desired student work samples to a temporary location on your computer (Desktop, OneDrive, flash drive, etc.).  Assignments will download as a .Zip file

  4. Open Zip archive and append “_min”, “_avg”, or “_ex” to the filename(s) of the work

  5. Add the file(s) to the relevant PEQAB folder

Video instructions below show how to extract individual assignments without using ASSET.