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Step 1: Identify Documents to Include

Course Documents 

  • Required:
    • Instructional Plan
      • PDF or Word document, as the dynamic .html Instructional Plans cannot usually be opened by other users
    • Course Outline
  • Only include if required by your department Chair:
    • Presentational Material (i.e. lecture notes/slides)
    • Grades

Student Work

  • Assessments ≥ 10%
    • If you have a series of assessments worth less than 10% each but they total a significant portion of the grade (~20% or more), please also include these
  • For each assessment provide:
  • 1 Minimally Acceptable sample (“C” grade or passing grade below 70%)
  • 1 Average sample (“B” grade or 70-85%)
  • 1 Exemplary sample (“A” grade or 86%+)

Evaluation Tools and Rubrics

Include the instructions, rubrics, and answer keys for each assessment submitted (as applicable)

Step 2: Download the PEQAB Folder Template

Always start with an empty PEQAB Folder Template for each course, each term.

  • Download the PEQAB Folder Template above and save to your computer (OneDrive, Desktop, etc.).
  • Unzip the folder to add your documentation
  • Please do not alter or reorganize the folder structure
    • Exceptions:
      • You may add additional folders if you have more assessments
        • Ex) More than 6 Assignments? You can add more Assignment folders
      • You may delete any folders that are not applicable to your course
        • Ex) No Final Exam? You can delete the Final Exam folder
  • If you prefer to use the older method of using folders within eConestoga, you can access those instructions here: Step-by-Step Instructions (folders within eConestoga) This method is no longer recommended because it involves additional steps.

Step 3: Collect documentation

See instructions and help videos for Downloading Files from eConestoga.

Save documents to the appropriate folder. For example, your course might have several quizzes. You will add the student work examples that you extract from eConestoga into the Quiz folder in the PEQAB Folder Template. The student samples of the first quiz will go into Quiz—Evaluation 1, and the second quiz would go in the Quiz—Evaluation 2 folder. Use this pattern for all the assessments applicable for your course.

    1. Evaluation 1
      1. 60-69%
        1. Quiz 1_min.pdf
      2. 70-85%
        1. Quiz 1_av.pdf
      3. 86%+
        1. Quiz 1_ex.pdf
      4. Tools & Rubrics
        1. Answer key for quiz 1.docx

Step 4: Upload & Submit