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Step 1: Identify Documents to Include

Course Documents 

  • Required:

    • Instructional Plan

      • PDF or Word document, as the dynamic .html Instructional Plans cannot usually be opened by other users

    • Course Outline

  • Only include if required by your department Chair:

    • Presentational Material (i.e. lecture notes/slides)

    • Grades

Student Work

  • Assessments ≥ 10%

    • If you have a series of assessments worth less than 10% each but they total a significant portion of the grade (~20% or more), please also include these

  • For each assessment provide:

  • 1 Minimally Acceptable sample (“C” grade or passing grade below 70%)
  • 1 Average sample (“B” grade or 70-85%)
  • 1 Exemplary sample (“A” grade or 86%+)

Evaluation Tools and Rubrics

Include the instructions, rubrics, and answer keys for each assessment submitted (as applicable)

Step 2: Download the PEQAB Folder Template

Always start with an empty PEQAB Folder Template for each new course each semester.

There are two options for using the PEQAB Folder Template. The choice is your preference. For faculty new to the process, we recommend using the Windows or Mac folders saved on your local device because it is a simpler method that avoids having to re-upload documents into eConestoga.

The following set of instructions have been kept because some faculty are used to this older process, and the process produces the same result.

Using the Folders within eConestoga:

  • Go to the eConestoga permanent course entitled PEQAB Folder Template
    • If you do not see it, please request access by emailing
    • Do not add your documentation to the course shell because these folders are copied and used by other faculty members.
  • Navigate to Course Admin > Manage Files
  • Checkmark the PEQAB Documentation folder found there
  • Select the Copy icon
  • Go back to the Manage Files area of your course and Paste these new folders in the shell
  • This image shows the eConestoga dashboard with the Permanent Courses tab opened. There are 6 course tiles shown. The course titled PEQAB Folder Template is circled in yellow highlighter.

Step 3: Collect documentation

See instructions and help videos for Downloading Files from eConestoga.

Upload the documents to the appropriate folder. For example, your course might have several quizzes. You will add the student work examples that you extract from eConestoga into the Quiz folder in the PEQAB Folder Template. A second quiz would go in the Quiz—Evaluation 2 folder.


    1. Evaluation 1
      1. 60-69%
        1. Quiz 1_min.pdf
      2. 70-85%
        1. Quiz 1_av.pdf
      3. 86%+
        1. Quiz 1_ex.pdf
      4. Tools & Rubrics
        1. Answer key for quiz 1.docx

Using the Folders within eConestoga:

  • Documents (assignments, quizzes, rubrics, instructions, etc) must be re-uploaded to the relevant PEQAB folder after you have extracted them from eConestoga.
  • In eConestoga go to Course Admin > Manage Files
  • Navigate to desired PEQAB folder and select Upload icon
  • Select the desired file(s) on your Computer (Desktop, OneDrive, etc..) and drag to the Upload Icon
  • Select Save to transfer file(s) to the relevant PEQAB folder

Step 4: Upload & Submit

  • In eConestoga go to Course Admin > Manage Files

  • Checkmark the top level PEQAB Documentation folder

  • Select the Download icon. A small window will open that says “This file is ready for download.” Click the title of the file to download it, and save the ZIP file to your computer (OneDrive, Desktop, etc.)

  • By default, the file name will contain course name, course code, term, section and date (e.g. Math72300-23W-Sec1-Math III May 24,

  • Save and rename the file to append the instructor's name: Math72300_23W_Sec1_Math III May 24, 2023_John

  • Use the Upload function (or drag and drop) to add your completed zip folder from your computer to Accreditation & Repository Upload & Help SharePoint site

  • Email noting the course(s) you submitted. Copy your program designate who is tracking submissions (if applicable). Emailing ensures you will receive confirmation that your documentation has been received and processed.

  • **Note for faculty in the School of Business and School of Interdisciplinary Studies – in previous terms, a departmental staff member did the final submission to SharePoint on your behalf. You are now required to complete this final step yourself. Please ensure you complete the final step of uploading to the Accreditation & Repository Upload & Help SharePoint site.