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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I have to use the PEQAB folder template? Can I just send you the documents in an email?

A: We manually tag every individual file with additional information, and we need to ensure we are tagging it correctly. We add hundreds (sometimes thousands) of files to the repository each semester, and the folder structure ensures consistency and accuracy. No, you cannot simply email all the documents.

Q: Can I see an example of a completed folder? 

A: Yes, here is an sample of a completed PEQAB submission. Please do not use this example folder to submit your course documentation. Use a new, empty PEQAB Folder Template.

Q: Do I need to redact student work before submitting it to you?

A: No, other staff will redact student identifiers and personal information.

Q: Some of my assessment outputs aren't standard Microsoft file types (e.g. AutoCAD files, code, InDesign files, paper exams, etc.). What do I do?

A: If possible, please include a web-friendly version (e.g. a PDF of an AutoCAD drawing) in addition to the original files. If that is not possible, please send us an email at, and we will find a solution.

If you have student work that is not digital (paper exams, physical posters, etc), they should be scanned or photographed. Connect with your department Chair or Degree Quality Consultant with specific questions.

Q: Why are there Grades and Presentational Material folders?

A: Some accrediting and regulatory bodies request we submit them. These are not PEQAB requirements; you do not need to submit them unless required by your accrediting body.

Your Chair or Degree Program Consultant can let you know if you need to submit them.

Q: How many samples of each grade category do I need to collect (per evaluation)?

A: PEQAB only requires one sample per grade category per evaluation. For example, you will submit one C grade example of the final exam, one B grade example, and one A grade example. If there are no samples of a grade level, you can include an extra example of another grade level.

Some accrediting bodies do require more samples, so please double-check with your program chair if your program is completing another review in addition to PEQAB. Engineering programs requiring CEAB accreditation should submit 3 Marginal (Minimally Acceptable) examples of student work.

Q: How can I confirm that my PEQAB submission has been received and is correct?

A: If you emailed to confirm your course submissions, repository staff will email you back to confirm they have received your submission.

Repository staff process each document that you submit. If there are errors (corrupt files, missing documents, etc), staff will email you to follow up.

Q: What happens to the PEQAB submissions?

A: Student work samples are redacted for private information and personal identifiers. When your degree program is under review, a curated collection of student work samples and course documents will be made available to accreditors from PEQAB in a private SharePoint site. The PEQAB review process is managed by the Degree Quality team.