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If the rubric is built within eConestoga, you will need to download it a copy. Follow along with the video or access written instructions below.

However, if you have the rubric already saved elsewhere on your computer in document form, you can add that version of the rubric to the appropriate folder and skip the step of extracting it from eConestoga.

Go to Course Tools > Rubrics (rubrics can also be found in other areas) > Select the Down Arrow beside the rubric > then select Preview.  There are two options for creating a digital file:

  1. Save/Print to PDF: This is preferred method.  Please use Chrome as results vary with other browsers
  • Select and highlight the content of the Rubric (unlike with quizzes, CTRL + A can be used if you click on the content first to establish focus). Make sure you capture the entire Rubric. 
  • Right-click on the highlighted content and select Print (or CTRL-P)
  • Change the Destination printer to Save as PDF
  • Select More Settings and play around with various settings (e.g. Layout, Paper Size and Scale) until the entire rubric is visible and nothing is cut off. Note: Make sure “selection only” is NOT selected, unlike for quizzes
  • Select Save and choose an easy to find save location
  • Add the file(s) to the relevant PEQAB folder
  1. Or, save as a Complete Webpage (less preferable option)
  • Right Click screen and Save As (or Save Page As) a Webpage, Complete to a temporary location on your computer (Desktop, OneDrive, flash drive, etc.)
  • This will generate an .html file and folder with identical names 
  • Select both files (hold <Ctrl> key and click on each)
  • Right click and select Send to Compressed (zipped) folder to create zip file
  • Add the file(s) to the relevant PEQAB folder