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Terms and Conditions for Non-Exclusive Distribution

For work to be included in Conestoga College’s Institutional Repository, submitters must sign a Non-Exclusive Distribution Licence. This licence is available for review below. When submitting work using the  Deposit your Research Form, you will be prompted to agree to these terms. 

This non-exclusive, royalty-free licence gives Conestoga College the right to reproduce, distribute, archive, translate, convert, and otherwise make available the work named in the form submission. Conestoga College will not change the content of the work but may change the format for the purposes of preservation or access. For example, as supported file types change, a work may be migrated from a previous file type to a current file type. The Conestoga Research Repository is managed by staff located in Library & Learning Services.

  1. The work being submitted is my original work and does not violate copyright laws. I have received written permission from any copyright owner to use any copyrighted material within my work and will disclose evidence of such permission upon request.
  2. All authors of this submitted work give consent for their work to be included in the Institutional Repository.
  3. I grant Conestoga College a non-exclusive distribution licence for this work to allow Conestoga College to reproduce, distribute, archive, translate, convert, and otherwise make available the work named in this form.
  4. All authors of the work retain the copyright for the work.
  5. There is no personal, confidential, or proprietary information in the submitted work, and I indemnify and save harmless Conestoga College from any claims that arise from or be related to the submitted work.
  6. I acknowledge that the submitted work will be publicly available through Conestoga College’s library services platform.
  7. At the time of submission, all information I have submitted is correct, whether in this form or otherwise. If I later learn that I have given incorrect information, or in the event I receive further relevant information, I will contact the Conestoga Library immediately.