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Rights and Responsibilities of Submitters

Submitter Rights

  • Conestoga will not change the content of work

  • Submitter retains copyright

  • May elect to provide a creative commons licence to give greater freedom for reuse, default licence is Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives, which is essentially a default licence for freely available web content.

Submitter Obligations

  • Must be submitter’s own work, or they must have rights to distribute.

  • Information about work must be accurate (e.g. included authors)

  • Cannot infringe on copyright, intellectual property, trademarks, patents

  • If 3rd party content is also included, content must be clearly identified and submitter must have permission to submit that content to the repository

  • If there is more than one author, submitter must ensure all authors approve of the submission and have read the licence details

  • If work was sponsored or supported by 3rd party, the stipulations of that agreement are met and do not impinge on submitter’s right to submit work to repository.

  • Work does not contain personal, confidential or proprietary info

  • Work does not contain libelous or unlawful info, including privacy considerations

  • Work is not subject to embargo or other publication delay

  • If submitter grants copyright or permissions to other organizations in future, agreement must allow for the college to hold it in the repository. Alternatively, a request for removal could be allowed, and the repository would maintain metadata only.