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Rights & Responsibilities of Conestoga College


To archive, preserve and make publicly available the published and non-published works of Conestoga faculty, staff and students, including descriptive aspects such as abstracts and metadata.


To carry out the Purpose above, Conestoga has the following Rights for all works submitted to the Conestoga Research Repository:

A non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, worldwide licence to store, reproduce, and transmit the work, which also includes the right to

  • Convert the work to different formats/mediums for purposes outlined above (“Purpose”),
  • Migrate to future repository platforms,
  • Convert in order to make accessible in any format: print or electronic, audio, or video
  • Make back-ups or copies for the purposes outlined above (“Purpose”)
  • Decline a submission, or remove it at any point in future

Conestoga is not responsible:

  • for the misuse of work accessed or downloaded from the repository. 
  • for independently reviewing content for accuracy, copyright, etc. 


Conestoga's responsibilities in relation to the repository are as follows:

  • Preserve works submitted to the repository in perpetuity, except in certain Withdrawal and Modification scenarios.
  • Will list attribution details as indicated by the submitter during the submission process and will not alter without permission.